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Looking for a fresh start?

Find Your Next Job Quickly and Easily

We have the knowledge and experience to quickly find you your next role in the healthcare sector, whether you are looking for temporary, permanent, or contract work.

At Breeze Healthcare, we can find you a job that fits your busy schedule and provides you with a positive work-life balance. We work with a diverse group of caregivers and can provide you with the most flexible shift patterns and contract options.

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Contact our team today and we will work out the quickest and easiest way to get you registered with us and out to work in your new job.

Documentations needed for Registration:

Right To Work

You must demonstrate your legal right to work in the UK. Please refer to the government guidance Right to Work List A and bring the necessary documentation.

Proof of Your Address

To prove your address you can bring a Valid UK driving licence, Utility bill, Credit card or bank statement (within 3 months) Council Tax bill (within 12 months), or a Tenancy agreement.


Two references are preferable from your most recent employment. Any other references you have from past employers are always welcome.

National Insurance

Proof of your NI number can be the card or an official letter sent to you by the Department for Work and Pensions, Jobcentre or HMRC.

Bank Account Details

To enable us to pay you we will need your Bank Account Details so we can pay your earnings directly into your bank account every Friday.

Application Form

You will need to complete our application form which can be downloaded below or filled in in-branch when you come in to register.

We Will Support You

We will work with you from the start, offering one-on-one advice and support to assist you in finding your next job in the healthcare industry. That help will continue as you start your new job.